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From Abdullah Kauchali <abdullah.kauch...@isanusi.com>
Subject Re: Advice sought: Designing cached User Session objects
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:47:57 GMT
Hi Clinton,

(Thanks for commenting - really appreciated.)

Is your suggestion that we'd rather interface with OSCache directly (and 
separately) instead of relying on the integrated iBatis approach?  Can 
you briefly explain how that would afford us better performance 
instead?  (To be honest, I'd feel more comfortable :) to stick with the 
existing integrated architecture of iBatis' caching!)

Also, we had prototyped a "hack" in a 1.3.x release of iBatis where we 
modified iBatis code to mutate the cached object directly (I recall 
asking whether a public API could be made available ...).  That "hack" 
seemed to work, but the project never really got off the ground and so 
we couldn't test it in controlled environment.  Would that approach not 
be advisable to take with the latest version of iBatis?

Thanks once again for your assistance,

Kind regards,


Clinton Begin wrote:

>I would suggest you don't use the iBATIS cache and instead write your
>own.  It's been proven to me numerous times that an application (i.e.
>business domain) level cache cannot be beaten in terms of performance.
> This is especially true considering your complex requirements.
>Alternatively, you could try taking one of the open source caches
>(OSCache, EHCache) or even a commercial one (Tangosol Coherence) and
>modify it or extend it to your needs.

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