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From Mark Alcocer Flores <superpch...@yahoo.com>
Subject Question about transactions.
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 17:18:18 GMT
I have a problem. I recently upgraded from the 1.2
iBatis version to the new 2.0 iBatis version. Because
of the database I connect to, I controled transactions
manually. I use the startTransaction method to start
the transaction and commitTransaction to commit it. If
anything went wrong I used the rollbackTransaction to
leave the database in a consistent state. In this new
version os iBatis the rollbackTransaction method is
not public and instead, the endTransaction method must
be use, actually I call it always in a finally

The thing is that when there is an error in the
database, in the old way, the connection close with
not problems and everything was alrigth, but with the
new way, the state of the database is inconsistent
sometimes and the connection remains open.

Can anyone give me an idea of what can I do? I think i
could go back to the old version, but this new version
has so many good features that i wouldn't want to
leave  them.

Thanks in advance.


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