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From Brett Gorres <bgor...@yahoo.com>
Subject Calling all ibatis + Derby / Cloudscape users
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 19:09:48 GMT
If anyone out there is even using ibatis with

You may be able to help me: (or I am just crazy!)  I
know there are some possible workarounds e.g., hacking
SqlMapClientBuilder--but I'm trying to learn how to
get ibatis and derby going without resorting to that.

Here is the situation:
I have a small embedded Derby (/Cloudscape) database
in the same JVM as the application...

Ibatis has no trouble connecting to my tiny derby
testdb (created but not populated with anything), but
for some reason my other _populated_ database won't
start using the same code (after only changing the url
to my other database in database.properties).

Failed to start database
'C:\work\projects\<<censored-actual-name>>', see the
next exception for details.

(fyi, there is no "next exception to look at from my
current vantage point...")

I know ibatis is just unhappy with the specific
database in question--not derby in general--because
when I change the url in database.properties to a
fictitious one, the error does change:

Database 'C:\work\projects\<<fictitious-name-here>>'
not found.

No angle brackets were actually used in my test. (In
case that is not clear.)

My questions:

1) Has this ever happened to you?  Am I still on a
well-beaten path?

2) Why does the small database work and the other
(still trivially small) other db NOT work?

Obviously there is something good about testdb and
something amiss with my other db.

If answer to 1 == No (otherwise I am just probably way
off), Is it possible that derby is is simply taking
too long to start up on my [trivially] larger db and
ibatis is therefore timing out?

I've been using Oracle and MySQL with SQL Maps for a
long time and loving it!



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