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From Andrey Rogov <ko...@i-c.com.ua>
Subject Re[2]: Struggling with insertion of Clob into the database. PS:
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:46:46 GMT

Hi Prashanth,

Some months ago I sent a letter about CLOB supporting to Clinton.
He sad me that LOB where not supported well! He sad, he hoped to solve
this problem with custom type handlers that will allow to deal with
LOBs as I like.
That's why I've been reading LOB's by my 'fingers' ( without iBatis.
), but, also I want to use iBatis in a whole!

Let's ask Clinton about LOB;s support now,

<statement id="LobSupport">
   is IBatis read Lobs ?
   <isEqual property='YES'>
       Long Live iBatis !
   <isNotEqual property='YES'>
       We want bread & sight & LOBS !


PS> Hi Andrey,

PS> I am able to get this working without ibatis this way, the normal JDBC way. 
PS> Do i have to do the same in iBatis in order to get the Large String written into CLOB

PS> Thanks
PS> Prashanth

PS> --- Andrey Rogov <konus@i-c.com.ua> wrote:
>> Before updating CLOB object you must create it.
>> First of all I've got new primary key ( by sequence ), Insert ' ' into clob simply
>> insert ' ' into ... clob, and when object was created, write string.
>> I use Oracle 9i,
>> classes12.jar.
>> PS> Hi,
>> PS> I am trying to insert a String into a CLOB field into an Oracle Database.
>> PS> Can anybody paste the code for this if you have already done this.
>> PS> Thanks
>> PS> Prashanth.
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>> regards,
>>  Andrey                          mailto:konus@i-c.com.ua

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С уважением,
 Andrey                          mailto:konus@i-c.com.ua

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