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From Stuart Piltch <stu...@gradientblue.com>
Subject Problem with nested groupBy resultMaps
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:32:13 GMT
Hi there,

I've been working on a query that involves two levels of groupBy, similar to the
JPetStore-ish example from the UnitTests that Clinton posted here a while ago

It was working most of the time, but would fail under certain cirumstances.
After way too many dead-ends, I found out that if the groupBy from the first
resultMap has the same value as the groupBy from the second resultMap, iBATIS
gets a bit confused and tries to assign the second result to a property from the
first class. Since that makes almost no sense now that I see it in print, let me
copy/paste some examples. The goal is a report that shows "topics" as rows
(grouped into categories), with "months" as columns and the total topics
displayed per month in the table itself.

   <resultMap id="reportResult" class="Category" groupBy="categoryName">
     <result property="categoryName" column="topic_category_name" />
     <result property="topics" resultMap="Report.topicResult" />
   <resultMap id="topicResult" class="Topic" groupBy="topicName">
     <result property="topicName" column="topic_name" />
     <result property="months" resultMap="Report.monthResult" />
   <resultMap id="monthResult" class="Month">
     <result property="monthName" column="month_name" />
     <result property="count" column="count" />
  <select id="getTopicsByMonth" parameterClass="Report" resultMap="reportResult">
    SELECT tc.topic_category_name,
           CONCAT(MONTHNAME(td.display_date), ' ', YEAR(td.display_date)) AS
           COUNT(td.topics_displayed_id) AS 'count'
      FROM topic t,
           topic_category tc,
           topics_displayed td
     WHERE t.topic_id = td.topic_id
       AND t.topic_category_id = tc.topic_category_id
       AND td.display_date >= #startDate#
       AND td.display_date <= #endDate#
     GROUP BY 'category', 'row', 'column'
     ORDER BY tc.sort_order,t.sort_order, YEAR(td.display_date),

Now, everything works perfectly *except* when the topic_category_name happens to
equal the topic_name. In that case, iBATIS fails with:

com.ibatis.common.beans.ProbeException: There is no READABLE property named
'months' in class '[...snip...].Category'
at com.ibatis.common.beans.ClassInfo.getGetter(ClassInfo.java:160)
at com.ibatis.common.beans.JavaBeanProbe.getProperty(JavaBeanProbe.java:263)
at com.ibatis.common.beans.JavaBeanProbe.getObject(JavaBeanProbe.java:252)
at com.ibatis.common.beans.GenericProbe.getObject(GenericProbe.java:55)
at com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.mapping.result.BasicResultMap.
[...let me know if you really want to see the rest...]

So, for some reason, when iBATIS is reading the months counts for this
particular topic, it tries to save the months in Category instead of in Topic.
As soon as I changed the one topic_name in the database, everything worked fine.

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