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From Larry Meadors <larry.mead...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Flexible ResultMaps (Again)
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 03:57:25 GMT
Heheh, while we drift further and further off topic here, I promise
this will be my last post on this, but I do have to point out two of
the resons I do not like using maps:

On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 09:09:09 -0600, friendVU admin
<maillist@friendvu.com> wrote:
> ArrayList res = GenericDaoHelper.retrive("findClinets",parms);
> req.setAttribute("resutls",res);

What are "clinets", and what are "resutls"?

My guess is that they are "clients" and "results", but no compiler in
the world will *ever* show me that problem.

Regardless of the fact that both of these are not in domain objects,
it points out my biggest beef with Map use in this context: if I
create a "results" property ina bean with getResults and setResults,
my compile will fail big and ugly with an attempt to call
"getResutls", and my IDE will type the code for me (being a fairly
lazy coder who does not like to track down silent failures, I like
BOTH of those things).

This IMO is a Good Thing (tm), and no amount of "loose coupling" talk
will *ever* convince me otherwise. Period.

> // then have DisplayTag display the table in JSP
> GenericDaoHelper() {
> public ArrayList ) _sqlMap.retrieve(stringRetnName, parmMap) {
> return (ArrayList) _sqlMap.queryForList(stringRetName, parmMap);

VIC! Are you seriously putting ArrayList in your interfaces? How can
you talk about loose coupling and put this chunk of code in the same
message? :-D


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