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From "Fabrizio Gianneschi" <fabrizio.giannes...@gruppoatlantis.com>
Subject R: Dao unit testing?
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:15:12 GMT
I worked on dbUnit about two years ago, on a project where we evaluated a
whole Agile stack (junit, canoo, dbunit, cruise control...), so my opinion
reflects the state of the art on these days.

I appreciated the overall philosophy and the theory of "4 databases" behind
it. I remember that we had a lot of talks with our DBA that didn't like it
so much :)

Due to the lack of documentation, examples and best practices (as you have
seen), it was a pain to setup all of the stuff, but after that we developed
a working small set of tests.

As the number of tests increased, we noticed a general slowness, due to the
big setup/teardown methods and db's general initialization, required on each
test run. Complex cases were also difficult to setup.

Therefore, developers started to put data directly on the db, avoiding to
pass through dbUnit. For laziness, the scripts become not synchronized,
so... within a month we abandoned it.

I would like to give it a second chance, however.


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Da: Nathan.Maves@Sun.COM [mailto:Nathan.Maves@Sun.COM]
Inviato: giovedi 10 febbraio 2005 16.42
A: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org
Oggetto: Dao unit testing?

I have been trying for two day to get DBunit to work with only partial
success.  The support for this project is nonexistent.  Anyone know of
a more supported project or have any experience with this one?  How do
most of you test your database layer?


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