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From Tim Christopher <tim.christop...@gmail.com>
Subject Is this overkill?
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 02:14:48 GMT

What would you suggest I do if I needed to print a list of the days of
the week that the shop is open, ie. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.  This
list is subject to change by the user (admin) via an online form and
so the details will be stored in a database.

To create a WeekDay object and a ShopOpenServices file, which would
only contain a query to "select * from tblDaysOpen" seems overkill to
me...  Especially as the week day isn't really what I would have
considered to be an object in my design - each one just contains a

Can anyone suggest a better approach to this, or is this the way
everyone else would do it?

Tim Christopher

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