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From "James, Steven" <Steven.Ja...@logicacmg.com>
Subject RE: cacheModel still hitting database
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:51:29 GMT
Yes my settings are 


inmy sql.xml file cachemodel is set like this

 <cacheModel id="tnodes-cache" type="MEMORY">
	<flushInterval seconds= "360"/>
	<flushOnExecute statement="insertNode"/>
	<flushOnExecute statement="deleteNode"/>
	<flushOnExecute statement="deleteAllNodes"/>
	<flushOnExecute statement="updateNode"/>
	<property name="size"  value="1000"/>
	<property name="reference-type" value="WEAK" />

and finally select element is like this
<select id="getNodeTypeByName" parameterClass="java.lang.String" resultMap="resultNode"
      	select * from T_NODES where NAME = #name#

This looks to me like a case of muppititus but i can't see it yet..

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From: Mark Bennett [mailto:mark.bennett@ncmail.net]
Sent: Tue 2/22/2005 1:44 PM
To: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org; krisajenkins@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: RE: cacheModel still hitting database
Yup, that was it thanks.  Hey Steven, this may work for you too.


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From: Kris A. Jenkins [mailto:krisajenkins@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 5:33 PM
To: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: cacheModel still hitting database


In your sql-map-config.xml, look at the 'settings'
attribute.  Do you have 'cacheModelsEnabled="true"'


 --- Mark Bennett <mark.bennett@ncmail.net> wrote:
> I'm trying to get the cacheModel working, but it
> keeps hitting the database.
> This is just an example so please ignore the
> context.
> I'm using iBatis-2 and this setup returns the data
> properly.  I get no
> errors.  This is run through a web container and not
> a unit test so the
> cache should persist.  The query object is an
> Integer so it should hash the
> same each time.  However, whenever I cange the data
> in the databse, the
> change shows up on the page.  Any advice?  Thanks.
> Mark
>   <cacheModel id="drugScreenCache" type="LRU"
> readOnly="true"
> serialize="false">
>     <flushInterval hours="12"/>
>     <property name="cache-size" value="500"/>
>   </cacheModel>
>   <resultMap id="drugScreenListResult"
> class="drugScreen">
>     <result property="id" column="ACTID"/>
>     <result property="testDate" column="TESTDATE"/>
>   </resultMap>
>   <select id="getDrugScreenListByJuvenile"
>   		resultMap="drugScreenListResult"
>   		cacheModel="drugScreenCache">
>     SELECT *
>     FROM drugscreen
>     WHERE rsrcid = #value#
>   </select>

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