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From friendVU admin <maill...@friendvu.com>
Subject Re: Help with Query in mapping
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 23:29:01 GMT
Gregg D Bolinger wrote:

>The statement I have so far, and it works, but I need to add to it but
>I am afraid that just supplying all the AND's in the WHERE clause is
>not very good design.  I should probably be using some sort of join. 
I am not sure what you are saying. WHERE is a JOIN! Same thing!

If it helps you I ALLWAYS write my sql 1st in a SQL admin type tool 
(every DB engine has one). To get the sytnax and make sure what I am 
If you worry about performance, ... then you can do a show plan. Likely 
unless you start into millions of records that you do not want to worry 
about it too much, DB engine will just stick it in RAM.

Else, I am not sure what your concern is/was.


ps: if your issue has no one assigned or no status, that querry would 
not return those records... unless you switch to outher joins.

>Here is the statement in my issue.xml file.
><statement id="getAllIssuesForEmployee" parameterClass="int"
>    	select * from 
>    		t_issue, t_user, t_employee, t_issue_status 
>    	WHERE 
>    		creating_user_id = user_id 
>    	AND 
>    		t_issue.status_id = t_issue_status.status_id 
>    	AND 
>    		t_employee.employee_id = t_issue.employee_id 
>    	AND 
>    		t_issue.employee_id = #value#

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