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From Kris Jenkins <krisajenk...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: late DS selection
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 17:55:37 GMT
Oh my God!  Have you asked your DBAs to set up a 4th database, which 
tells you which table is where, when?  Or a 5th database, which tells 
you which database contains the master list of which table is on which 
database?  Or have you tried shooting your DBAs?

My first suggestion (outside of bullet therapy) would be, does your 
database support links to remote objects?  For example, if you were 
using Oracle, you could just work on one database instance and create 
synonyms to the remote objects.  It would be much easier to maintain.  
Heck, you could even put the responsibility for maintaining the synonyms 
on your DBAs.  That'd show 'em. :-)

Iff your db supports it, of course...


friendVU admin wrote:

> (I can create a static sqlmap factoryinstance to have it select a 
> datasource before inst, but how to go the other way, have a map select 
> a static data source?).
> I have a bunch of maps (sql commands).
> And a bunch of data source to different dbs.
> I want to select late what data source to use based on a map name. Ideas?
> Idealy I can add an xml element to the statements, ex
> <insert    id="usrJoin"  ds="main" ....
> and then in the sqlmap helper write
> if (sqlmap.getDS(mapName)=="main" ) then {
> // execute map with main data source staticly bound
> The thing is that sometimes a table moves from one db to another for 
> good resons mostly, (it just does, the 3 dba's hate me I am sure of it).
> So... ideas how to hack? As I write this... I could create a xml 
> properties files of map name/data source... but that is 2 files to 
> maintain. I guess I will do that.... but if somone can save me, please 
> do.
> Show me some love!
> .V

Kris Jenkins
Email:  kris@jenkster.com
Blog:   http://cafe.jenkster.com/
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