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From Abdullah Kauchali <abdullah.kauch...@isanusi.com>
Subject Re: iBatis and EJB
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 20:29:07 GMT

>Absolutely.  Your Java source will not have to change, only the
>transaction manager configuration.  You can choose to use a JTA or
>EXTERNAL transaction manager type for working with declarative
>transactions (depends on your server, configuration etc.).  When using
>local transactions, you use the JDBC tranaction manager.
>In all cases you follow the same try/finally start/commit/end
>paradigm.  Calling commit with a JTA transaction may or may not commit
>depending on the existing context, whereas EXTERNAL will NEVER commit
>and depends completely on an external transaction manager.
Great stuff Clinton.    Somehow, I'm surprised.  :) 

(My iBatis project will commence soon ... can't wait ...)

Kind regards


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