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From friendVU admin <maill...@friendvu.com>
Subject Re: Flexible ResultMaps (Again)
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 15:09:09 GMT
Looosly typed!
 It's the next thing w/ all the scripting langs, the buzz it turns out, 
is for a good reason. You can do some of it in Java. Just like OO, it 
took people a while to get used too.
I had to go trought the same process ... of showers.
Fact is.. you do not get a class cast exception much.

Here is something to do in Struts action:
Map parms = new HasmMap();
parms.put("id",new Long(1));
ArrayList res = GenericDaoHelper.retrive("findClinets",parms);
// then have DisplayTag display the table in JSP

GenericDaoHelper() {
public ArrayList ) _sqlMap.retrieve(stringRetnName, parmMap) {
return (ArrayList) _sqlMap.queryForList(stringRetName, parmMap);

All I do now is use JTable Model instead of DisplayTag.
That... plus I have a string dispacher to SQLMaps.
You'll realy need a bath for this in Groovy, voted best JCP:
var Client = "Acme"


Larry Meadors wrote:

>always felt cheap and dirty...like I needed a shower. ;-)
>It is so much nicer IMO to let the compiler do what it was meant to do
>for me: Verify that the names and types all match up. :-D

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