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From friendVU admin <maill...@friendvu.com>
Subject Re: iBatis and EJB
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 03:57:01 GMT

I have no idea what you said there, it looks confused.

Did you ask if distributed 2 phase commits are done without EJB?
Of course! You can do that in iBatis by itself. And in Tomcat or Resin 
by itself.
sqlMap or JBDC.commit() or rollback().
Or even in SQL by itself.

In fact, one could do distributed 2 phase commits wihout Java. That is 
one old concept and is well understood how to.
One thing to understand it is if you in fact have a distributed DB.


Abdullah Kauchali wrote:

> Interesting question could be:  can the transaction semantics used in 
> the application
> with iBatis also be used in an EJB transactional (read: distributed) 
> environment -
> switching from local to distributed based on the absence or presence 
> of an EJB
> container?
> Is that even possible?  hmmm ...
> Kind regards
> Abdullah

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