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From friendVU admin <maill...@friendvu.com>
Subject Re: Flexible ResultMaps (Again)
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 20:24:47 GMT
Huy wrote:

>    have a single resultmap for an entire table/domain class mapping 
> which can be  reused in multiple <select> statements without the 
> select statement providing every column specified in the result map.
I do get what you want... having done quite a few iBatis projects, I 
allways have only one result map!
Like in Groovy and Associtavie Arrays(Flash) you want to be loosly typed.

And.... it's supported feature:

<select    id="joinId"  resultClass="java.util.HashMap" >
        max(id) as id, bla, bla2 ....

I allways use HashMap.
I get back a list of Maps, very cool.
And like other loosly typed langages, I do not write gets. and sets 
(I used to bind collections to Struts, and now I do it to Swing Data 
Model - via Hessian).
Many times I just do select * and display a JTable!!!
And I can change any of the layerss.

So try that can call me in the morning.


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