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From Huy <huym...@swiftdsl.com.au>
Subject Re: More Flexible ResultMaps
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 12:40:07 GMT
Clinton Begin wrote:
> You can't make it ignore explicit result mappings.  If you use
> auto-mapping (where you don't specify a result map) combined with
> remapResults="true", then you can do that.

Sorry can you explain what remapResults does ? I can't find it in the 
reference. Is the automapping you are referring to using resultClass ?

> Your other alternative is to use extended result maps.  This
> eliminates the redundancy of having minor differences among result
> maps.

I am currently using this, but it's still doesn't sit right especially 
when alot of my extended maps differ by only a handful of columns or less.

Thanks for the reponse,


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