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From Michael Klaene <mkla...@yahoo.com>
Subject SQL Map problem when map keyed on attribute not in object
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 18:52:26 GMT
I have 2 tables, user and role, and an associate table user_role which, as you would expect
contains user_role_id,user_id, and role_id keys.  I want to read the following query into
a map of userRole objects that will be keyed on role name (from the Role object):
  <statement id="getUserRoleMap" resultMap="user-role-result">
    SELECT role.name, user_role.user_role_id,user_role.user_id, user_role.role_id, user_role.default_role,
user_role.status,user_role.created_on,user_role.created_by, user_role.updated_on, user_role.updated_by

      FROM role, user_role
      WHERE user_role.user_id = #value#
      AND user_role.role_id = role.role_id
And I'm currently trying to do this using the following result map, which mirrors the userRole
  <resultMap id="user-role-result" class="org.jsurveys.domain.UserRole">
    <result property="id" column="user_role_id" columnIndex="2"/>
    <result property="userId" column="user_id" columnIndex="3"/>
    <result property="roleId" column="role_id" columnIndex="4"/>
    <result property="defaultRole" column="default_role" columnIndex="5"/>
    <result property="status" column="status" columnIndex="6"/>
    <result property="createdOn" column="created_on" columnIndex="7"/>
    <result property="createdBy" column="created_by" columnIndex="8"/>
    <result property="updatedOn" column="updated_on" columnIndex="9"/>
    <result property="updatedBy" column="updated_by" columnIndex="10"/>
Obviously it doesn't work as name is not an attribute of userRole and I'd rather not add it
to the object for just this task.  Is there another way I might accomplish this via a SQL
Map (ie without extra Java code to build the map after the sql map call)?

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