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From Douglas <douglasf...@yahoo.com.br>
Subject iBatis and EJB
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 22:31:19 GMT
I'm working in a large project with JBoss 4, EJB
(without entity beans, only with Session beans and
Message Driven Beans), iBatis SQLMap, iBatis DAO
Framework and Struts.

The transaction is controlled by iBatis DAO (the
transaction manager implementation is SQLMAP).

Nowadays i'm using a single Session beans (stateless)
+ business delegate with the EJB Command Design
pattern approach to encapsulate the business logic.

IMHO, EJB Command and Business Delegate should be used
for decouple tiers.

I never used Session beans and i would like to know
what is the better architecture for this project.

Thanks in advance,


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