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From "Peter Wik" <peter....@affectogenimap.fi>
Subject Composite keys
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 12:59:42 GMT

Is there a possibility in ibatis to use a constant
along with a column as composite keys.


<resultMap id="something" class="something">
	<result property="id"	column="PRD_ID" />
	<result property="name_en"	column="{id=LANG_PRD_ID,lang="en"}"
select="get-product-name" />
	<result property="name_fr"	column="{id=LANG_PRD_ID,lang="fr"}"
select="get-product-name" />

In the example I would like to select the name_en object from another select
takes "id" and "lang" as parameters. Name_en and name_fr are both of the
same class.

Everything works ok, except that I cant get the parameters "en" and "fr" to

Thanks in advance,

Peter Wik

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