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From "John Didion" <John.Did...@loudeye.com>
Subject caching broken in 2.0.8?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 09:21:23 GMT
In 2.0.4 (the last version I was able to use with any success), I could


-- SQL MAPS --


<cacheModel id="cache" type="LRU">

  <flushInterval minutes="30" />

  <property name="size" value="1000" />



...some insert statement...


<select id="select" parameterClass="MyClass" resultClass="AnotherClass"

...some select statement...



-- JAVA --


MyClass obj = new MyClass();

...set properties...

client.update("insert", obj);

assertNotNull(client.queryForObject("foo", obj));


This no longer works in 2.0.8. However, when I disable caching (by
either removing the cacheModel attribute from the select element or
setting cacheModelsEnabled to false in the config file), it works fine.
Did something change or is this a bug?

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