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From Eric Williams <er...@sandiego.com>
Subject Problems with stored procedures
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 00:26:52 GMT

We're in the process of investigating iBATIS for use in our application. I'm
really excited about it since we use stored procedures for database access.
I'm having a few problems getting up and running, though:

When I call one of our stored procedures to return a result set, that stored
procedure will itself call another procedure to log the operation in a
logging table. When running the procedure by hand or via JDBC code the log
entry gets written out. When using iBATIS, it does not. It's as though the
transaction is being rolled back. I tried controlling the transaction with
startTransaction, commitTransaction and endTransaction, but had no success.
But even though the log entry isn't written, the data is still returned, and
iBATIS creates my objects.

My second problem involves using stored procedures to perform inserts. These
stored procedures do not return a result set, and I'm able to deal with that
in JDBC code by using executeUpdate instead of executeQuery. With iBATIS I
get the error: java.sql.SQLException: The executeQuery method must return a
result set. How should I deal with this?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide!


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