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From Peter Bracken <brac...@corksurf.com>
Subject Re: iBatis Connection Management
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 17:18:24 GMT
I think I got it,

I was parseing the config file every time I called my getSqlMapClient() 
method. I'd been meaning to fix that but didn't think it was a big priority.
Put this one down to extremely bad coding on my part! :)
Sorry about that!


Clinton Begin wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>I've never experienced this, nor have I heard of anything similar.
>Which datasource implementation are you using: SimpleDataSource, or
>In either case I'd expect it to work.  Make sure though that you've
>properly ended your transaction within a finally block.  For example:
>try {
>   sqlMapClient.startTransaction();
>   //  ... do some work
>   sqlMapClient.commitTransaction();
>} finally {
>   sqlMapClient.endTransaction();

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