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From Robin Johnson <ro...@syndicom.com>
Subject can't insert into InnoDB tables
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 05:38:44 GMT
Hi, I'm new to SQL Maps and I have been successful at getting it to do 
what I wanted until I hit a rather ugly hitch.  One of my insert 
statements appeared to be working fine, but nothing was getting inserted 
into the database.  At first I thought there was something wrong with 
the way I was supplying the parameters, but I trimmed the statement down 
until it was nothing more than the following:

<insert id="submitAttachment" parameterClass="java.util.Map">
        insert into RESPONSE_ATTACHMENTS

The console log showed this, as if everything was working normally:

<DEBUG 21:48:11,444 SimpleDataSource:563> Checked out connection 8441896 
from pool.
<DEBUG 21:48:11,447 Connection:42> {conn-100087} Connection
<DEBUG 21:48:11,449 PreparedStatement:48> {pstm-100088} 
PreparedStatement: insert into RESPONSE_ATTACHMENTS 
<DEBUG 21:48:11,546 PreparedStatement:49> {pstm-100088} Parameters: []
<DEBUG 21:48:11,548 PreparedStatement:50> {pstm-100088} Types: []
<DEBUG 21:48:11,709 SimpleDataSource:527> Returned connection 8441896 to 

...but still, no row was being inserted into RESPONSE_ATTACHMENTS.  
After much hair pulling, I discovered what the problem was.  I'm using 
MySQL 4.0.21, sometimes using MyISAM tables (where full text search is 
needed) and the rest of the time using InnoDB tables.  All my insert 
statements that inserted data into MyISAM tables worked, but 
RESPONSE_ATTACHMENTS was an InnoDB table.  I converted it to a MyISAM 
table and submitAttachment immediately started working.  Another piece 
of my application which uses JDBC code to insert rows (via 
SqlMapSession.getCurrentConnection().prepareStatement()) into a 
different InnoDB table also works.
Am I missing something here?   I searched the mailing list archives for 
other people with the same problem, but found nothing.  It seems like a 
pretty glaring problem for no one else to have noticed, so I'm guessing 
it has something to do with my configuration.
I'm using iBATIS 2.0.7, a JDBC transaction manager and a simple 
datasource with only the JDBC.Driver, JDBC.ConnectionURL, JDBC.Username, 
and JDBC.Password parameters set.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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