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From Alexandre Nunes <amartinsnu...@gmail.com>
Subject Doubts mapping procedure parameters.
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 20:02:42 GMT
i'm new to iBatis and new to the list.
I'm developing an aplication that, unfortunately, has large part of
it's business rules inside procedures. So, for example, if i want to
have a method that returns me an object by it's primary key, i have a
procedure that do this for me. But it's no as simple as:

Object getByPk(Long pk);

The procedure has parameters that indicates positions of the
"ErrorCode", of the "ErrorMessage" and the position of the "Cursor".
These parameters are used in case of problems during procedure
execution, so i hava the error code, the message error. And in case of
the procedure executes with no problem, so i have the cursor, wich
returns me the result set.

My question is, how can i integrate the squema above to iBatis?

I'm not planning to use these aditional parameters anywhere in my
application, but i have to pass them as parameters for the procedure.

I was thinking in something like a ParameterMap.

Anyone could help me please?

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