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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Alternate dynamic SQL syntax?
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 18:22:19 GMT
Hi Scott,

1.  In a sense, iBATIS has always been pluggable in this way.  The Sql
interface is the generalization that allows different Sql sources to
be applied to a mapped statement.  I have not made any public
documentation for it.  The bigger challenge is how we'll add the
"plugability" to the XML parser.  It shouldn't be too hard, but we
just need to do some tinkering to see what will work best.

2.  I can't speak for Brandon, save to say that I don't think we've
landed on which EL or template language we want to support.  Perhaps
the best thing to do is to just implement it and see how we can plug
it in?

The good news is that with the 2.0.9/2.1 release, we'll have
implemented a number of the most critical features, which means we'll
have more time to tinker with this.  I've also rewritten the XML
parser to make it easier to add such things.

>> I've got an itch to scratch re: dynamic SQL syntax, and 
>> I was wondering what I could use as a starting point.

You can get cream for that.  ;-)  But really, if you look at the
package com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.mapping.sql.* you'll see three
implementations: Static, Simple Dynamic, and Dynamic.  These are in
order of increasing complexity.

The job of an Sql implementation is to: 1) prepare and return the SQL,
2) prepare and return the parameter map, and 3) prepare and return the
result map.

Parameter Maps and Result Maps are (in their simplest form) property
to column mappings.

Have a look and see if you can work with that.


On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 12:10:45 -0600, Severtson, Scott (Associate)
<Scott.Severtson@qg.com> wrote:
> Clinton/Brandon,
> I was wondering if anything came from the Sourceforge Forum discussions
> in June regarding velocity/jexl/ognl templating
> (http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=2620936) for dynamic
> SQL Maps? I see that as late as November, Clinton said "No decisions
> have been made yet."
> (http://www.mail-archive.com/ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org/msg00
> 030.html)
> Two specific questions:
> 1. Did Clinton ever create the plug-points for alternate dynamic SQL
> implementations
> (http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=2622001)? If so, did he
> produce any documentation?
> 2. Did Brandon ever make any progress/prototypes for an alternate
> implementation?
> I've got an itch to scratch re: dynamic SQL syntax, and I was wondering
> what I could use as a starting point.
> ----
> Scott Severtson
> Centare Group, LLC

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