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From "Dooley, Liam" <Liam.Doo...@agriculture.gov.ie>
Subject Problems with registering OUT parameter in Oracle stored procedure
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 16:36:19 GMT

Has anyone successfully executed an Oracle stored procedure that returns a result set with
multiple columns using ibatis?
We have a stored procedure that returns a result set which contains data for populating a
custom object. This result set is returned as a REFCURSOR and so needs to be registered as
an OUT parameter of type oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleTypes.CURSOR by ibatis?, but it's not clear
to me how to achieve this.
Does anybody know if ibatis can handle this scenario and if so how would i implement it?

This is the current configuration which gives the following error ("--- Check the output parameters
(register output parameters failed).
--- Cause: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type"):

  <parameterMap id="customerDetailsByIdParams" class="map">
  	<parameter property="applicantDetails" javaType="ApplicantDetails" mode="OUT"/>
  	<parameter property="foNumber" jdbcType="NUMERIC" javaType="long" mode="IN"/>
  	<parameter property="roleType" jdbcType="VARCHAR" javaType="java.lang.String" mode="IN"/>
  <procedure id="getCustomerDetailsById" resultMap="customerDetailsByIdResult" parameterMap="customerDetailsByIdParams">
	  	{ CALL ? := PKCO_01_BCUS_DETAILS_GET.bcus_details_get(?,?) }

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