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From "Larry Meadors" <Larry.Mead...@plumcreek.com>
Subject Re: Auto generation of xml/sql
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2004 04:21:17 GMT
There is no need to swear! ;-) (kidding)

There is nothing in the framework to do this yet. We have been
discussing runtime creation of simple CRUD operations, but nothing has
been implemented yet.

I have done a few experiments using jdbc, database metadata, and
velocity to generate beans and sql maps - this worked pretty well, but I
had to inject alot of assumptions about the data and naming. It turned
out to be a one-time use kind of thing.


>>> "Jean-Luc" <luc@privat.dk> 11/26/04 10:50 AM >>>
hell guys is there a way in ibatis to autogenerate some of the sql and
xml ?

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