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From Oliver Zeigermann <oliver.zeigerm...@gmail.com>
Subject A few dumb questions
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:21:28 GMT

I am considering to use ibatis as a database mapping tool for Jakarta
Slide and am wondering if anyone can tell me

1) which databases are known to work with ibatis? Really all known
ones? Or this there an explicite list?
2) how ibatis compares to OBJ (http://db.apache.org/ojb) or hibernate?
What would be reasons for ibatis?
3) if I store back a huge object which is only partly changed, how
does ibatis know which data to store back? Does it compare the object
to anything? Is caching involved in this? Or does it store back

Would be great if anyone had any hints!

Cheers and thanks in advance,


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