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From Aliaksandr Radzivanovich <aliaksandr.radzivanov...@gmail.com>
Subject SQL Maps & Expression Languages?
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 12:51:52 GMT
Hello Clinton and everybody.

I'm not sure if this is a new idea, but...
Have anybody considered usage of expression languages (like OGNL or
JXPath) with SQL Maps framework?
Take for example the following piece of code:

<insert ...>
    INSERT INTO Customer (Co1, Col2, Col3, ...)
    VALUES (${cutomer.prop1}, ${cutomer.prop2 + 1},
${cutomer.prop3.trim()}, ...)


<parameterMap id="companyParam" class="company">
    <parameter property="${someexpression}"/>

OGNL seems to be quite powerful EL. In my opinion it would be a good
addition to the framework. However, it's just a suggestion. After all,
I'm not an expert in OGNL.

What do you people think about this idea?

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