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From "Kamiel Wanrooij" <K.Wanro...@everywebsolutions.nl>
Subject Inheritance issues
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 21:59:45 GMT


We are using iBatis.NET in combination with a fairly large domain model,
with lots of inheritance in the domain objects. The discriminator tag
works great most of the time, but recently I've run into some issues
that I cannot seem to solve.


I will post some snippets to make my point clear. They are a
simplification of the real deal, since we have several levels of
inheritance, and the result maps inherit as well.


Say, we have an AbstractParent with ConcreteChildOne and
ConcreteChildTwo subclasses. We store these in three database tables,
where shared fields are in the parent table, and specific information in
the child tables referencing their primary key to the parent table. We
also store a type in the parent table to keep track of which entry is
which concrete type:



id   type

1    1

2    1

3    2

4    1



parent_id   fieldone

1                    'One'

2                    'Two'

4                    'Four'



parent_id   fieldtwo

3                    'Three is quite different'


We inner join them to retrieve the complete set of data.


We use an sqlMap like this to retrieve the objects:


<sqlMap namespace="Parent"


        xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" >


        <!-- Class is a hashmap since we cannot use an abstract class as
a result type. -->

        <resultMap id="IdentityResult" class="hashmap">

            <discriminator column="parenttype_id" />

            <subMap value="1"

            <subMap value="2"




        <statement id=" Parent.FindById" resultMap="
Parent.IdentityResult" parameterClass="int">

            -- First fetch the type, then execute the corresponding

            DECLARE @type_id smallint

            SELECT @type_id = [parenttype_id] FROM [parent] WHERE


            IF @type_id = 1

            <include refid="ConcreteChildOne.FindById" /> <!-- inner
join of childone and parent -->

            ELSE IF @type_id = 2

            <include refid="ConcreteChildTwo.FindById" /> <!-- inner
join of childtwo and parent -->





The ConcreteChildOne.IdentityResult and ConcreteChildTwo.IdentityResult
are declared in their own files and namespaces, since most of the time
we access the concrete types directly. The two SQL snippets referenced
are also declared in those files. These are declared before the parent
sqlMap in the config file.


As long as the resultMaps are declared in the sqlMap above, we don't
have any problems. When I declare them in their own namespaces, they
cannot load (it tries to find them in the sqlMap above). According to
the manual and documentation, resultMapping can reference other
namespaces as long as they are declared before the referencing
resultMap. We really need them to be in separate namespaces, since this
makes the resulting structure much cleaner and maintainable.


Am I doing something wrong, or can't subMaps reference resultMaps in
other namespaces? Regular extension and resultMapping work great, also
across files and namespaces.


Thanks for any insights on the issue, and my apologies for the
not-so-short explanation of the situation. 





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