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From Prosper <mpro...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Perofrmance problem Ibatis 1.2/.NET 2.0/SQL SERVER 2000
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:25:26 GMT
Another precision about my perf problem with Ibatis1.2/ado2.0/sqlserver2000: I checked the
statement sent by Ibatis and Ado to the server, and I observed that where Ado sends varchar(x)
for a fixed field, Ibatis sends nvarchar(x);this is the only difference between the two statements;
and just replacing varchar(x) by nvarchar(x) enables to get good perf.
  How could I inform my resultmap about fixed string field?

Prosper <mprospa@yahoo.com> wrote:
    Hello evrybody;
  some more precision about my perf pb:
  I did some benchmarks in order to understand where does ibatis spend its time:
  Bench 1: a simple select, 10 loops, using in one case Ibatis 1.2/mssql2000, ansd in the
other case ADO/MSSQL2000; the MSSQL Profiler shows that Ibatis made more than 75000 reads
on the server for a duration more than 2000, while ADO made just 3 reads for a duration of
  Bench 2: same test, but with MSSQL2005: at this time the two did 3 reads on the server for
a duration of 0ms.
  Does anyone could know why Ibtais makes so much request to the server on the case of mssql2000?

Prosper <mprospa@yahoo.com> wrote:
    Hello every body,
  I deal with performance problem using batis with .NET2.0 over sql server 2000.
  - over sql server 2005, i have responses times of 2 ms; with the same configuration but
over sql server 2000, the response time jumps to 3000ms; and when using ADO.NET over sql server
2000, response time is less than 75ms.
  Does any one has encountered this performance issue of Ibatis with .NET 2.0 over sql server
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