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From "Clinton Begin" <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: EL for iB3 Dynamic SQL tags
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:28:22 GMT
This is how Open "Source" is supposed to work.  When did Open Source become
Open JAR?

There's no technical risk with repackaging it (their unit tests have also
been brought in and run without error), and it's perfectly compliant with
the license.  So it's a perfect solution.  We can upgrade or replace it if
necessary in the future.

>From this day forward, consider it the "ibatis object graph navigation
library", named ognl only to respect and disclose the original authors, as
well as to comply with their licensing terms by retaining the license at the
top of each source file and in the Apache 2.0 Lincese NOTICE text file.

There's no reason to expose it and create problems for everyone for some
dogmatic "separation of artificial concerns" ideal.  iBATIS has been down
that road before with CGLIB and various logging and commons libraries --
never again.

If Java had a simple and effective versioning system for JAR files (see you
at Java 7 in 2015), then this would be possible.  But I'm not willing to A)
create a JAR nightmare for our users, or B) reimplement our own OGNL-type


On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:27 AM, Vic Cekvenich <vic@phonezoo.com> wrote:

> Repackaged?
> As opposed to just use their jar?
> Would it have same "package" in case I use OGNL outside, class collision
> for versions?
> Or would it be like org.ibatis.ognl.* so no collision?
> I guess I would just include the jar, kiss. I know depedency, etc. but my 2
> c.
> Also I hope we no longer need commons-logging, that was pita in 2.0.
> .V
> Clinton Begin wrote:
>> I've decided to go with a repackaged version of OGNL 2.6.9
>> (org.apache.ibatis.ognl). <snip>
>> Comments welcome.
>> Clinton

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