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From "Brandon Goodin" <brandon.goo...@gmail.com>
Subject Change to fix Spring Integration and selectKey.type attribute constraints
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2007 10:52:36 GMT
Hey Guys,

I made some changes to fix Spring integration in the trunk version of
iBATIS. Recent changes broke integration. This fix is only intended to be
temporary until Spring is updated to work with recent changes. I plan to
submit a patch to the Spring crew. Following are the change i made. I was
too lazy to retype it so i'm just pasting my SVN commit notes.

Additionally, I made a change to the dtd. The type attribute of the
selectKey was not allowing me to put a placeholder into it. So, I removed
the (pre | post) constraints in the dtd and changed it to CDATA #IMPLIED.

- added deprecated ExtendedSqlMapClient for Spring integration compatibility
- set SqlMapClient to implement ExtendedSqlMapClient for Spring integration
- added deprecated getMaxTransactions to SqlMapExecutorDelegate for Spring
integration compat
- added deprecated public int getMaximumConcurrentTransactions(),public void
setMaximumConcurrentTransactions(int maximumConcurrentTransactions), public
void initialize(Properties props) to TransactionConfig and
 BaseTransactionConfig for Spring integration compat
- removed dtd check on selectKey type attribute to allow for placeholder to
be put into the attribute. otherwise it fails

M    build/version.properties
M    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/impl/SqlMapExecutorDelegate.java
A    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/impl/ExtendedSqlMapClient.java
M    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/impl/SqlMapClientImpl.java
M    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/transaction/BaseTransactionConfig.java
M    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/transaction/TransactionConfig.java
M    src/com/ibatis/sqlmap/engine/builder/xml/sql-map-2.dtd


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