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From Mario Ds Briggs <mario.bri...@in.ibm.com>
Subject SQLJ support for iBATIS for Java
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 05:54:23 GMT


I would like to make contributions to the iBatis Data Mapper for Java, so
that it could execute SQL statements using SQLJ also (in addition to JDBC,
as is done currently).

The primary goal would be for users to be able to use any SQLJ vendor' s
implementation (IBM, Oracle, Informix etc) with the Data Mapper. This would
enable customers who use SQLJ to be able to use iBatis DataMapper.

Parameter and resultset (mapping) handling, cache and all other features
would remain unchanged and use the existing code without duplication. SQLJ
would be used only to execute the SQL and return resultsets/updatecounts as
applicable.  The approach would  have a tool (contributed to the project)
that would generate the SQLJ implementation for the statements in the map
xml files, translate and customize it. The runtime would have a
sqljExecutor in addition to the existing sqlExecutor (JDBC).  Runtime
switching between using either SQLJ or JDBC would be possible

Looking to take this forward and any feedback.


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