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From "Ted Husted" <hus...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Site design...wow
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 15:15:58 GMT
On 3/6/07, Clinton Begin <clinton.begin@gmail.com> wrote:
> What would be the benefit to us and our users?  I'm happy with Confluence
> and the service from Atlassian.  The last time we hosted our wiki with ASF
> infra, we lost almost all of our links and I think even some of our content
> was lost.  It was down for days, all due to a MoinMoin upgrade.

Ahh, but the lunatics are in charge of the asylum now. Don Brown and I
handle most of the Confluence infra. And, you could too, if you

As mentioned, we've been using the autoexport plugin to good use. The
Struts 2 documentation that we bundle in the distribution is all
created through Confluence, and its also available online under Apache
HTTPD. There is exactly one documentation stream to manage.

> > And, in a similar vein, are we ever going to move out of the
> > com.ibatis namespace? With SVN, we can make these sort of changes
> > without losing history.
> We can make the change easily.  Our users may not be able to, nor would
> there be any tangible benefit to them for having to do so.  I think we
> should move to org.apache.ibatis with iBATIS 3, as it will be a significant
> change anyway.

Good. I'd rather we pick our own time to make the change.

> I'm thinking of submitting a JSR to request that people stop using domain
> names for namespaces in Java...it's stupid.  If our namespace was just
> "ibatis" we wouldn't be having this conversation.  ;-)

Totally agree. It's like Java geeks look for ways to make simple
things complex.

Tell you what, I just went through Crockford's video training clips
for JavaScript, and it was like a breath of fresh air. :)

* http://jroller.com/page/TedHusted?entry=crockford_clips

> Cheers,
> Clinton

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