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From "Slava Imeshev" <vimes...@viewtier.com>
Subject Re: Maven for Build?
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 18:10:08 GMT

> RE: internet connectivity...
> If you don't have an internet connection then you are in a sad sad state
> and i'd like to know how you got ahold of ibatis in the first place.

 Not allowing people using iBATIS will slow its adoption.

You may work in a strict security environment that prohibits 
certain connections. Fetching something from outside may 
be disastrous in such environments.

> RE: self contained build
> I believe that self contained build are overrated as well. As long as you
> have the jars (which maven will download for you). Then you are golden. 

Actually, no. Basic change management requires knowing what 
makes your product.

> Anyway, let me suggest that you guys let me write the pom and we'll see if
> all the unnecessary anger and hype is really worth the raise in blood
> pressure.

Boredom shouldn't drive technology decisions, common sense should.

In any case, Viewtier will continue running Continuous Integration
for iBATIS. Just let me know if there are changes:



Slava Imeshev

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