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From Andrew.X.Le...@healthnet.com
Subject Offer of contribution....any interest?
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:17:48 GMT

The team I work on is currently using iBatis for Java for all of our JDBC
data access with great results, and having found the benefits of it, we are
now working towards a data access solution that has a slightly larger scope
than iBatis, but wit the same benefits and general philosophy. Specifically
we need to retrieve data not only from JDBC sources, but also from other
sources such as TIBCO and , LDAP. We are looking to have the same ease of
use and power of iBatis with these sources, and will be doing all of the
development and testing to accomplish this.

What we really do not want to do however is try to fork the project. so we
are faced with either building functionality similar to iBatis for the
other sources, our strong preference extending iBatis to handle these
sources. For reviewing the source code, the primary  outward change would
be to create additional parallel methods using a more abstract iBatis
specific class or interface in place of Connection and SQLException.
Obviously the internal changes would need to be more involved.

Were this development completed and offered as a contribution, what is the
current feeling on how well it would be received?

Many thanks  in advanced.....

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