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From Peter Andrews <peter.andr...@Dartmouth.EDU>
Subject Useful case where resultMap should not require any result elements
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 23:07:21 GMT
I have run into a case where I have an inherited class which has no 
additional members than what are already in the superclass. I have made 
some resultMaps, including one for the superclass. For the subclass I 
also created a resultMap that extends the superclass' resultMap. However 
-- there are no resultProperties that I wish to set since there are no 
member variables in the subclass.

I think the DTD for resultMap should be changed from result+ to result* 
to accomodate this case.


Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews
Software Engineer
Dartmouth Medical School
Computational Genetics
Rubin 707
(603) 653-3598

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