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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Abator introspection patch
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:31:54 GMT
Not so...FRED is a public synonym (not in any schema).  It's just Oracle
JDBC wierdness with synonyms.  I saw all kinds of wierd things in my

Maybe you misunderstood my proposed fix...I'm proposing a way for you to
GENERATE against a specific schema, but RUN without any schema specified.
This means that the default schema (or synonym) for the user would be used.

I really think this would resolve the issue.  I'm not proposing that you
change anything about how your database is defined.

Jeff Butler

On 9/28/06, Patrick.Higgins@cexp.com <Patrick.Higgins@cexp.com> wrote:
>  The includeSynonyms trick does not work with public synonyms for tables
> in other schemas. Your example is just an alias for a table in the same
> schema (HR.EMPLOYEES and HR.FRED are both in schema HR). We create
> synonyms only to reference tables in other schemas as though they were in
> our schema.
> We might be able to get by without synonyms, but not specifying a schema
> will simply not work, because we have 8 schemas that all have the same table
> names. Currently, Abator just uses the first table it finds, which doesn't
> correspond to the user's default schema. We don't want to hardcode the
> schema name into the abator configs because each developer uses a different
> one. We might be able to use an entity reference to store these externally,
> but that brings up another problem I found with Abator that may have already
> been addressed in SVN, but the entity resolver throws an exception rather
> than returning null for entities it doesn't recognize, so you can't define
> your own entities in the DOCTYPE.

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