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From Paul Benedict <paul4chris...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Last call for 2.2.0
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 08:05:51 GMT
OK. I volunteer! I raised my hand and so it makes sense I do it too.

Clinton Begin <clinton.begin@gmail.com> wrote: 
Sure.  Anyone willing to do it is welcome. I'd suggest having someone who actually uses Maven
do it.  They could submit a patch for the build file to create a separate deployable, and
they could be responsible for deploying it to ibiblio.   

Paul, are you interested in owning this?  So far you're the only one asking for it.


On 8/14/06, Jeff Butler < jeffgbutler@gmail.com> wrote:I could very well be wrong, but
my understanding is that the versions of iBATIS on ibiblio are not put there by any of the
committers.  I don't know how they got there (no one claimed responsibility when this came
up recently).  They're not in the place I would expect ( i.e. - I would expect them to be
in an ibatis tree, not a com/ibatis tree).
 So maybe the new version will appear by magic in the com/ibatis tree?  But probably as the
others are (without the full POM and without the source defined).
 Apache does have some infrastructure in place to publish things to Maven so it would probably
be a good idea for us to do this.  I'll try to do a little research about it.

 Jeff Butler


On 8/14/06, Paul Benedict < paul4christ79@yahoo.com> wrote: 
 Will 2.2.0 be available in maven 2 format? And uploaded to ibiblio?

Jeff Butler <jeffgbutler@gmail.com>  wrote:   Good work on multiple result sets!
 I'll have a checkin with code changes and tests for IBATIS-331 later this morning, then I'll
be finished.  You'll know I'm finished whan I close the JIRA ticket.
 After that, I'm OK for a release with these caveats:
 1. Our release process says that we should try to give a 72 hour notice
 2. I think you should update the documentation with information about multiple result sets,
and Oracle refcursors before the release.
 Jeff Butler

 On 8/14/06, Clinton Begin <clinton.begin@gmail.com > wrote:   Let me know if there's
anything I should be waiting for for 2.2.0.  

Otherwise, I think it's ready to roll.  

If I don't hear anything, I'll put a build up on Monday night.



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