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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What about a LDAP dao engine ?
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2006 15:53:28 GMT

This has been done a couple of times.  It was discussed on this list a 
while back.


Cimballi wrote:

>Great ! It's more motivating to work when you know other people may
>enjoy it ! ;-)
>I hope language will not block me, my english is very poor ! Well, at
>least I understand "computer" english, and I've got a big dictionnary
>So Larry, like you said in LDAP each attribute can have multiple
>values. This is one of the differences between LDAP and SQL. If I
>understand you well, you also propose a kind of automatic mapping
>between the object (JAVA) and the entry (LDAP) based on the
>type-objectclass of that object-entry. I don't understand well your
>reference to SQL injection, but maybe this is because I don't still
>have a look inside the sqlmap architecture.
>Now what I thought to do. The simplest way to start should to copy the
>way sqlmap works and adapt it to LDAP. Of course there is some
>difference but we will discuss them later, I don't think they should
>need a new architecture.
>About the about to use, I've mostly work with the ldapsdk from
>netscape-sun-mozilla, but maybe it's should be better to use JNDI
>here. About JNDI, do you think it should be interesting to have a
>generic JNDI dao engine, or maybe we can start with JNDI-LDAP dao
>engine, and look for more genericity later ?
>About mapping between JAVA and LDAP : in LDAP most of the attributes
>can be multi valued, but in real life, company's schemas usually
>settled if an attribute will be mono or multi valued based on their
>model, so maybe we can provide a parameter in the mapping which will
>say if the engine should consider the attribute as mono or multi
>About transactions, although there is no transaction in LDAP for the
>moment, we should provide the same functionnely like in sqlmap so it
>could be easily implemented later.
>This is what I've got in mind for now.
>I'd like to know about exchange of docs and code inside iBatis
>community. If I'd like to submit you docs or code, what's the best way
>? Should I post them on this list ?
>If I use some words that don't match the ones you are used to use,
>just tell me !
>First step is made, hope it was the most difficult one ;-)
>On 2/12/06, Larry Meadors <lmeadors@apache.org> wrote:
>>I think that would be very interesting. :-)
>>I did some work with LDAP recently, and think that having something
>>like SQL Maps for LDAP queries would be really useful. One thing I had
>>problems with was that the attributes are all name-value pairs - like
>>doing everything with Maps. ;-)
>>Semantically, I think it would fit - there is no concept of a mapped
>>statement, but SQL injection is not really an issue, so escaping may
>>be adequate. Query results come back in a similar way (name-value
>>pairs), so that fits. It may actually be simpler because the names of
>>the attributes are defined by the classes of the returned objects.
>>Sounds cool!

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