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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Promote iBATIS 2.1.6 to General Availability
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2005 08:04:38 GMT
Hi all,

I've released iBATIS 2.1.6 as an Apache Alpha level distribution.

Here's the change log.

2.1.6 - Nov 5, 2005

o Fixed IBATIS-198 Call "getDataSource()" of SqlMapClientImpl will cause
application to hang
o Fixed IBATIS-179 Binaries on webpage use old Hibernate
o Fixed IBATIS-174 CacheModel does not support caching null results
o Fixed IBATIS-197 Call "getDataSource()" of SqlMapClientImpl will cause
application to hang
o Fixed IBATIS-131 Fix use of list[]-notation in propertyattributes of
dynamic tags
o Fixed IBATIS-173 Incorrect resultset retrieve when calling stored
o Fixed IBATIS-194 No resultSet found when executing SQL Server stored
o Fixed IBATIS-196 can't use dynamic replace data-source-type over IBATIS
ver 2.0.9 library
o Fixed IBATIS-191 operation(insert and update) Oracle's(OCI) CLOB and BLOB
fail, CLOB will close tomcat, BLOB will miss any DATA
o Fixed IBATIS-193 Hidden jar dependicity for iBatis DBL 2.1.5
o Fixed IBATIS-175 ResultSetLogProxy doesn't log the result properly
o Fixed IBATIS-195 Sqlmap DTD: include tag not permitted in selectKey
o Fixed IBATIS-172 implicit mapping fails on nested column aliases
o Fixed IBATIS-185 SqlMapClasspathEntityResolver - Offline public ID
resolution value ignored

Everyone: Check it out.
PMC members: please vote for GA.


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