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From Jason Mauss <jason.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject OR Mapper Features
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 05:29:25 GMT
Please forgive me for the bulk tone of this message - hopefully it doesn't 
find your junk mail box.

I'm the writer on the How-To-Select Guide for OR Mappers, and pleased
that we're going to be able to include your product. 

I've started working up a list of features to guide me in thinking about
the product category (emphasis on "started"). You can find the list below. 
feedback would be GREATLY appreciated, both on important things that
I've left out, and on things that are on the list that you think aren't
important. The Guides are definitely NOT oriented around feature
checklists, but readers do expect to see such things as part of the
content, so I'm trying to make sure I don't miss anything important. If
you don't have time to deal with this part, don't worry about it; I'll
happily take whatever input you have to offer.

If you've got any questions, concerns, input, feel free to e-mail me.

General Features:
1. 100% managed code
2. VS.NET <http://VS.NET> Integrated Help
3. External Help
4. Documentation (msdn style docs)
5. Peer Support
6. Vendor Support
7. .NET v1.0 Support
8 .NET v1.1 Support
9. .NET v2.0 Support
10. .NET Compact Framework Support

OR Mapper Features:
11. POCO Support
12. External Mapping File Support
13. Internal/Attribute Mapping Support
14. Multi-DBMS Support
15. Data-binding Support
16. Stored Proc Support
17. Mapping configuration tool
18. Generics (.NET 2.0) Support
19. SQL Logging/Spooling Support
20. Lazy Loading
21. Code Generation

Thank you,
--Jason Mauss
Author, HowToSelectGuides.com

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