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From Vinoth Chandar <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Formalizing the release process
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2020 17:21:40 GMT
Hi all,

Love to start a discussion around how we can formalize the release process,
timelines more so that we can ensure timely and quality releases.

Below is an outline of an idea that was discussed in the last community
sync (also in the weekly sync notes).

- We will do a "feature driven" major version release, every 3 months or
so. i.e going from version x.y to x.y+1. The idea here is this ships once
all the committed features are code complete, tested and verified.
- We keep doing patches, bug fixes and usability improvements to the
project always. So, we will also do a "time driven" minor version release
x.y.z → x.y.z+1 every month or so
- We will always be releasing from master and thus major release features
need to be guarded by flags, on minor versions.
- We will try to avoid patch releases. i.e cherry-picking a few commits
onto an earlier release version. (during 0.5.3 we actually found the
cherry-picking of master onto 0.5.2 pretty tricky and even error-prone).
Some cases, we may have to just make patch releases. But only extenuating
circumstances. Over time, with better tooling and a larger community, we
might be able to do this.

As for the major release planning process.

   - PMC/Committers can come up with an initial list sourced based on user
   asks, support issue
   - List is shared with the community, for feedback. community can suggest
   new items, re-prioritizations
   - Contributors are welcome to commit more features/asks, (with due

I would love to hear +1s, -1s and also any new, completely different ideas
as well. Let's use this thread to align ourselves.

Once we align ourselves, there are some release certification tools that
need to be built out. Hopefully, we can do this together. :)


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