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From Vinoth Chandar <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Planning for Releases 0.6.1 and 0.7.0
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2020 02:55:02 GMT
Hello all,

Pursuant to our conversation around release planning, I am happy to share
the initial set of proposals for the next minor/major releases (minor
release ofc can go out based on time)

*Next Minor version 0.6.1 (with stuff that did not make it to 0.6.0..) *
Flink/Writer common refactoring for Flink
Small file handling support w/o caching
Spark3 Support
Remaining bootstrap items
Completing bulk_insertV2 (sort mode, de-dup etc)
Full list here :

*0.7.0 with major new features *
RFC-15: metadata, range index (w/ spark support), bloom index (eliminate
file listing, query pruning, improve bloom index perf)
RFC-08: Record Index (to solve global index scalability/perf)
RFC-18/19: Clustering/Insert overwrite
Spark 3 based datasource rewrite (structured streaming sink/source,
Incremental Query on logs (Hive, Spark)
Parallel writing support
Redesign of marker files for S3
Stretch: ORC, PrestoSQL Support

Full list here :

Please chime in with your thoughts. If you would like to commit to
contributing a feature towards a release, please do so by marking *`Fix
Version/s`* field with that release number.


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