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From leesf <>
Subject Re: What's the recommended way to add dependencies
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2020 13:04:30 GMT
Hi Rui,

1. It is because utilities.bundle.hive.scope is provided by default, thus
not included in hudi-utilities-bundle-xxx.jar, and you would set
to re-compile from master branch to include hive dependencies, also I think
adding hive-common jar to class path should be fine without setting -D
utilities.bundle.hive.scope=runtime. But as you pointed out that even you
don't sync to hive, you still get the error, I think we would document it
at least.
2. There is a PR to fix the jetty version conflict, please check it out,

Rui Li <> 于2020年9月17日周四 下午8:26写道:

> Hello,
> I'm a newbie and just trying to run my very first example with Hudi -- to
> ingest CSV DFS source to a Hudi table. I hit the following problems in the
> process.
> 1. Class not found exception for HiveConf. I didn't enable hive sync but
> still got this error. I guess it's because the class is imported in
> DeltaSync. I solved this by adding hive-common to class path. (I tried
> hive-exec at first but that caused conflicts with Parquet)
> 2. No such method error for jetty SessionHandler::setHttpOnly. It's
> because the jetty-server version conflicts between Hudi and my Hadoop. I
> solved this problem by setting spark.driver.userClassPathFirst=true.
> Although I've managed to make the program run successfully, I wonder
> whether I'm doing it right and what's the recommended way to add
> dependencies.
> The components I'm using:
> Spark 2.4.6 w/o Hadoop
> Hadoop 3.0.3
> Hive 2.3.4
> Hudi latest master code
> Thanks in advance!
> --
> Cheers,
> Rui Li

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