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From leesf <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Hudi Community Weekly Update(2020-09-06 ~ 2020-09-13)
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2020 15:13:00 GMT
Dear community,

Nice to share Hudi community weekly update for 2020-09-06 ~ 2020-09-13 with
updates on discussion, features, bugfixs and tests.


[API] A discussion about standardizing Java date time APIs in codebase,
there are many different ways of manipulating date time, some of which
are inferior due to lack of thread-safety. [1]


[Integration Test] hudi-test-suite support for schema evolution (can be
triggered on any insert/upsert DAG node) [2]
[Writer Core] Add new Payload(OverwriteNonDefaultsWithLatestAvroPayload)
for updating specified fields in storage [3]


[Writer Core] Fix decimal type display issue for record key field [4]
[Writer Core] TypedProperties can not get values by initializing an
existing properties [5]
[Writer Core] AWSDmsTransformer does not handle insert and delete of a row
in a single batch correctly [6]


[Test] Add HoodieWriteableTestTable [7]



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