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Subject [GitHub] [incubator-hudi] vinothchandar commented on a change in pull request #1333: [HUDI-589][DOCS] Fix querying_data page
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2020 02:44:38 GMT
vinothchandar commented on a change in pull request #1333: [HUDI-589][DOCS] Fix querying_data

 File path: docs/_docs/
 @@ -84,55 +102,53 @@ using the hive session property for incremental queries: `set
 would ensure Map Reduce execution is chosen for a Hive query, which combines partitions (comma
 separated) and calls InputFormat.listStatus() only once with all those partitions.
-## Spark
+## Spark datasource
-Spark provides much easier deployment & management of Hudi jars and bundles into jobs/notebooks.
At a high level, there are two ways to access Hudi tables in Spark.
+Hudi COPY_ON_WRITE tables can be queried via Spark datasource similar to how standard datasources
work (e.g: ``). 
+Both snapshot querying and incremental querying are supported here. Typically spark jobs
require adding `--jars <path to jar>/hudi-spark-bundle_2.11:0.5.1-incubating`
+to classpath of drivers and executors. Refer [building Hudi](
for build instructions. 
+When using spark shell instead of --jars, --packages can also be used to fetch the hudi-spark-bundle
like this: `--packages org.apache.hudi:hudi-spark-bundle_2.11:0.5.1-incubating`
+For sample setup, refer to [Setup spark-shell in quickstart](/docs/quick-start-guide.html#setup-spark-shell).
- - **Hudi DataSource** : Supports Read Optimized, Incremental Pulls similar to how standard
datasources (e.g: ``) work.
- - **Read as Hive tables** : Supports all three query types, including the snapshot queries,
relying on the custom Hudi input formats again like Hive.
- In general, your spark job needs a dependency to `hudi-spark` or `hudi-spark-bundle_2.*-x.y.z.jar`
needs to be on the class path of driver & executors (hint: use `--jars` argument)
+## Spark SQL
+Supports all query types across both Hudi table types, relying on the custom Hudi input formats
again like Hive. 
+Typically notebook users and spark-shell users leverage spark sql for querying Hudi tables.
Please add hudi-spark-bundle 
+as described above via --jars or --packages.
-### Read optimized query
-Pushing a path filter into sparkContext as follows allows for read optimized querying of
a Hudi hive table using SparkSQL. 
-This method retains Spark built-in optimizations for reading Parquet files like vectorized
reading on Hudi tables.
-spark.sparkContext.hadoopConfiguration.setClass("mapreduce.input.pathFilter.class", classOf[org.apache.hudi.hadoop.HoodieROTablePathFilter],
-If you prefer to glob paths on DFS via the datasource, you can simply do something like below
to get a Spark dataframe to work with. 
+### Snapshot query {#spark-snapshot-query}
+By default, Spark SQL will try to use its own parquet support instead of Hive SerDe when
reading from Hive metastore parquet tables. 
 Review comment:
   own parquet reader

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