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Subject cvs commit: httpd-win32-msi - Imported sources
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 00:13:44 GMT
wrowe       01/05/24 17:13:43

    Check in the only clean copy I have, because this repository has still
    never been properly synchronized, and's troubles today
    [CVS is down]
  Vendor Tag:	ASF
  Release Tags:	APACHE_1_3_19_R2
  N httpd-win32-msi/apache_1.3-win32.isv
  N httpd-win32-msi/DuplicateConf.awk
  N httpd-win32-msi/httpd.conf-inst-win
  N httpd-win32-msi/importisv.vbs
  N httpd-win32-msi/installer_guide.html
  N httpd-win32-msi/License.rtf
  N httpd-win32-msi/Readme-win.rtf
  N httpd-win32-msi/RewriteConf.awk
  N httpd-win32-msi/side_main.bmp
  N httpd-win32-msi/top_main.bmp
  N httpd-win32-msi/
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/awk.1
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/awk.h
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/awkgram.y
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/b.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/FIXES
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/gclip
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/lex.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/lib.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/mac.code
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/main.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/makefile
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/maketab.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/missing95.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/parse.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/proto.h
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/README
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/run.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/tran.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/ytab.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/awk/ytab.h
  N httpd-win32-msi/src/real_features.c
  N httpd-win32-msi/src/real_features.dsp
  N httpd-win32-msi/src/real_features.dsw
  N httpd-win32-msi/src/real_features.mak
  No conflicts created by this import

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