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From Scott Kirby <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSLCARevocationCheck only accepting one argument
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2019 21:40:02 GMT
Hi folks,

I am attempting to use mod_ssl's SSLCARevocationCheck directive with the no_crl_for_cert_ok
flag in a test environment, running httpd 2.4.6.  However, when attempting to start httpd
with this directive my ssl.conf file, I consistently get the error:

“SSLCARevocationCheck takes one argument, SSL CA Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking

My configuration line looks (to me, at least) exactly like the one in the example at

"SSLCARevocationCheck chain no_crl_for_cert_ok"

I can see that this directive is configured with the RAW_ARGS type in
, so I’m not following why it would be enforcing TAKE1 behavior here.  Apologies if I’m
missing something obvious here, but can anyone point me in the right direction?  Many thanks,

Scott Kirby
Interoperability Developer
PCC - Physicians Computer Company

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